Information for Parents

Our school is at the heart of the community, and we want our pupils to value their local area as a special place to live that has lots of educational opportunities. We believe that taking children out into the community or inviting the community into school is an important and integral part of our curriculum. We believe that the curriculum is the whole learning experience, in which children, carers, staff and the community are all involved. We value what you have already achieved with your child and aim to build on these foundations.   Parents are always welcome in nursery and we encourage families to become actively involved in school activities. We send regular newsletters home, display information about the current theme and curriculum and keep the parents’ noticeboard up to date to keep you informed, but during the year you can help your child by being involved in:-

  • Educational visits
  • Celebrations Workshops
  • Helping with storysacks
  • Helping children to choose library books
  • Reading stories with children
  • Sharing your skills, interests or hobbies with us
  • Sponsored events
  • Helping in the garden
  • Repairing equipment

We welcome parents into school, to look at the displays of work on the walls and be part of their child’s education. Any member of staff will be happy to tell you more if you are interested.
All our books are available for you to take home to share with your child. Please record the books you have borrowed in the link and cross them off when returned. Derbyshire County Council’s mobile library van comes to school on alternate Tuesdays at 10.25 am, parking outside school. Morning children visit the bus and borrow books. You are always welcome to join us.
We have a wonderful collection of story sacks and number bags. Every child is given one weekly to enjoy with you at home. A story sack contains a book, plus all the characters and props to help the children retell the story. There is also a non-fiction book and some suggestions to help you develop your children’s reading and language skills. The number bags contains activities with a mathematical focus. We have also developed special sacks to help children deal with changes in their lives eg. a new baby, bereavement, holidays, moving house as well as a ‘French storysack’ for families wishing to learn French together. When returned, sacks are checked and you may choose another one. Any parent wishing to help would be very welcome, or you may have suitable story suggestions for a new bag.

We want your child to be happy with us in the Nursery and for them to take advantage of the many learning opportunities we provide. If they have any anxiety that shows itself at home, or if outside school circumstances change, please let us know. The happiness, welfare and education of your child are our main concerns. If you need to speak to one of the staff we are available at the start and end of each Nursery session.  If you need to talk for longer, for any reason, then please ask, at any time, and we can arrange a time that suits you.

Click here to see the list of Storysacks. Please ask a member of staff if you would like to borrow a particular sack.

Ways to help at home…

Make time to talk and listen to your child
Encourage them to observe, question, make choices and think
Sing songs and nursery rhymes
Encourage independence
Share books, stories, writing and drawing activities
Play games together

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